Thursday, December 27, 2012

Celebrity Gossip

I was on the bus the other day and I saw this lady reading a celebrity magazine. I was looking over her shoulder to see what she was exposing herself to. It all seemed like useless information about the lives of celebrities. I thought to myself, why would people even care about this kind of stuff?

Celebrity Gossip

I then realized how stuff like this distracted people from the real issues of the world. I would say that picking up a newspaper would be more productive, but these aren't any better either, being filled with propaganda and BS; the only reason why people read newspapers these days is for the celebrity gossip section, anyway.

Celebrity Gossip Newspaper Propaganda

I then extended this thought into the sports industry. People pick up sports magazines and read about their favorite athletes and sports teams. By indulging in all of this useless information, they become totally distracted from how badly they're being f*cked by our "leaders", and what's really going on behind the scenes.

Sports Propaganda Celebrity Gossip News

It seems like everything out there is a distraction. Everything from magazines, to video games, to sports, mainstream music, TV. Everything. Not only do they distract people, but they affect the very way we perceive reality.

It seems like people would rather discuss the latest celebrity scandal than to discuss world events or spiritual topics. People would rather play War-like video games, than to question the very wars that are being orchestrated in the real world. People would rather watch a football game than to watch the skies and observe/question mother nature.

Sports Propaganda Celebrity Gossip News

People continually seek external knowledge and answers from others; We have forgotten to look inside ourselves; for deep within us, lies all the knowledge and answers we'll ever need.

We are becoming more stupid, and we don't even realize it.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Dog-Headed Alien People Exist

Dog-headed alien humanoid

I have reason to believe that a race of Dog-Headed Humanoid Aliens exist, and that they are living among us today.

Before you dismiss this as utter BS, be sure to read the rest below and conduct your own research. Keep your mind open. Question everything.

Dog-People in Ancient Times and Early History

The existence of Alien Dog-People trace back to ancient Egypt. The most earliest-known Dog-Person back then was known as Anubis, who taught the Egyptians about mummification and also helped dead people cross-over to the afterlife. He also protected people from evil spirits (i.e. evil alien entities).

Dog-Headed Alien People Exist

In the era of early Christianity, there was a tribe of Dog-Headed people, who fought many battles and killed many people. Jesus had taught one of them the error of their ways, and after baptizing him, he became known as Saint Christopher.

Dog-Headed Alien People Exist

The great explorer Marco Polo speaks of his encounters with Dog-Headed people during his travels to the Angamanian island:

"Angamanain is a very large Island. The people are without a king and are Idolaters, and no better than wild beasts. And I assure you all the men of this Island of Angamanain have heads like dogs, and teeth and eyes likewise; in fact, in the face they are all just like big mastiff dogs! They have a quantity of spices; but they are a most cruel generation, and eat everybody that they can catch, if not of their own race."

Dog-Headed Alien People Exist

Where Did They Come From?

Dog-Headed Alien People Exist

The Alien Dog-People originated from the Sirius star system of our galaxy. They came here thousands of years ago to aid people with their spiritual development. However, something happened that caused the Alien Dog-People to become disconnected from their own spirituality, and they went into survival-mode, turning them into savage beasts. What caused them to lose their spirituality was probably the same thing that caused the humans to lose theirs.

It is possible that there still exists a branch of spiritually-evolved dog-people, but they have yet to be encountered in modern times on our planet; perhaps they have returned to their home planet in Sirius.

Modern Day Alien Dog-People

There are countless reports of sightings of Alien-Dog People, suggesting that they still exist today, and are hiding among us.

Dog-Headed Alien People Exist

Some Africans are Descendants of the Alien Dog-People

In Ancient Egypt, the Alien Dog-People were depicted as dark-skinned humans with the heads of black dogs. It is quite possible that the Alien-Dog People mated with the Egyptians, creating a dark-skinned race, resembling Africans. This could explain why many Africans refer to each other as DAWG, and why African men often refer to their women as BITCHES.

Dog-Headed Alien People Exist

Dogs are Descendants of the Alien Dog-People

The original Alien Dog-People of Ancient Egypt were known to be extremely spiritual, possessing supernatural powers. As mentioned before, they protected the people from evil spirits/aliens and also helped dead people move on to the afterlife.

Domesticated dogs as well as wolves, foxes, and the entire canine family are direct descendants of these Alien Dog-People. Is it any coincidence that dogs are known to be man's best friends, and are able to detect spirits? Nope!

Dog-Headed Alien People Exist


Dogs are man's best friends... just stay away from the vicious dog-headed alien people... they will literally try to eat you. There are however, benevolent alien dog-people out there; it is important to differentiate between them; In order to do this, we must raise our vibrations and re-connect with our spirituality!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Dolphins are Descendants of Alien Mermaids

I have reason to believe that Dolphins are the direct descendants of Mermaids/Mermen, who originate from beyond the stars.

Mermaid Aliens in Ancient Times

Ancient wall-carvings from ancient civilizations around the world suggest that a group of alien fish-people came to earth from beyond the stars. These fish people were extremely intelligent and highly spiritual.

Dolphins are Descendants of Mermaid Aliens

It is said that the Alien Fish-People came from a water-filled Fish-Bowl-like planet from the Sirius B star system. The water in their fish bowl of a planet became polluted, and they had to find a new home. Filled with clean oceans and sea waters at the time, planet Earth became the new home of the Alien Fish-People.

Upon their arrival to Earth, they encountered a tribe of primitive humans somewhere in Africa. The Alien Fish-People taught the primitive humans the secrets of the universe, which aided in their evolution.

Dolphins are Descendants of Mermaid Aliens

The Dogon tribe and some Australian Aboriginal tribes claim to be descendants of the Alien Fish-People, explaining the use of the Dolphin as a symbol in their rituals and ceremonies.

Dolphins are Descendants of Mermaid Aliens

Remains of Alien-Fish People Discovered!

Discoveries of the Alien-Fish people's skeletal and mummified remains have been made a few times. These skeletons resemble what we call Mermaids.

Dolphins are Descendants of Mermaid Aliens

Sightings of live mermaids/mermen are rare today. The reason for this is because the Alien Fish-People now operate on higher dimensional planes of our reality (perhaps the 4th, 5th, or 6th dimensions), rendering them invisible to us in the lower-density 3rd dimension. It is also possible that the Alien Fish-People operate through the bodies of Dolphins, Whales, and Amphibians.

Dolphins are Descendants of Alien Fish-People

In ancient times, the Alien Fish-People created Dolphins to look after us and to aid us in our spiritual evolution. This explains why Dolphins are so smart and are naturally connected to humans. The noises and sonars produced by Dolphins actually have a healing affect upon the human body!

The Alien Fish-People also created all sea-life on Earth to maintain its biosphere and to make it more compatible with their physical bodies.

Dolphins are Descendants of Mermaid Aliens

In Beijing, a study on Dolphins showed that they score higher on IQ tests than human beings. A marine biologist name Hsu, who conducted the study, claims to have established telepathic communication between himself and a couple of dolphins, after which they told him about their origins.

(WeeklyWorldNews)"Full understanding of their thoughts and feelings came in fits and starts but we now seem to be on a common verbal ground," said Hsu.

"These magnificent creatures are highly-evolved life forms that came to Earth from a distant planet.

"And from what I understand, the civilization they left behind was even more advanced than our own."

"The dolphins have made it clear that their ancestors came here 100,000 years ago to escape pollution on their home planet.

"But their starships--as well as the technological know-how that allowed them to save themselves have long since vanished. Ironically, the pollution that drove them here so many years ago is now threatening their existence once again.

"As our own oceans become more and more polluted, dolphins kills are being reported around the world.

"But they no longer have the means to help themselves. They need us to find a solution for them."

Save the Dolphins

As mentioned earlier, the Dolphins are here to aid us in our spiritual evolution. With the oil dumping crisis, Fukashima and many other events affecting the oceans and the sea, as well as the increase in Dolphin killings, it makes one wonder whether there is an agenda behind it all to suppress our spiritual development and the Dolphins' ability to help us.

Dolphins are Descendants of Mermaid Aliens

It is up to us to put an end to the pollution and to help our Dolphin brothers! Lets raise our vibrations together and swim through the sea of love and light!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Santa Claus was an Alien: The GREATEST Christmas Story Never Told

They say all myths are based on truth, and the myth of Santa Claus is no different. Unfortunately, the story that we have been told about Santa is a lie. We have been kept from the TRUTH behind Santa Claus. If you think you can handle the truth, continue reading:

I have reason to believe that Santa Claus was real, and that he was a magical alien from beyond the stars and dimensions. Before you dismiss this immediately as BS, be sure to continue reading below. Keep your mind open. Question everything.

Santa Claus in Ancient Times

The existence of Santa Claus dates back to ancient times, where he was originally known as Saint-Nicholas. Ancient wall-carvings in Nine Mile Canyon of Utah, depict a man traveling across the sky with a herd of reindeer.

Santa Claus was Real and was he an Alien

So who or what exactly was Saint-Nicholas? where did he come from? what did he do? and why did he do it?

The TRUE History of Saint-Nicholas (Santa Claus)

Saint-Nicholas was a humanoid alien from the coldest planet in our solar system, Pluto. The inhabitants of Pluto (Pultonians) closely resembled human beings of earth, suggesting that we have common ancestors. Having achieved a high level of consciousness, the "Plutonians" were very peaceful and spiritual; they possessed all knowledge of the universe and were able to travel to higher dimensional planes. They mostly operated on the 5th to 6th dimensions. Their physical bodies had a substantial amount of body-fat and body hair--especially facial hair, in order to keep them warm on the cold planet.

Santa Claus was Real and was he an Alien

A long time ago, the environment and celestial structure of Pluto was quickly deteriorating due to a pole shift. Pluto was quickly turning into a Dwarf Planet, which meant it would no longer be able to sustain life, including inter-dimensional entities such as the Plutonians.

Being the only survivor of Pluto's natural disasters, Saint-Nicholas quickly assembled a herd of flying magical reindeer, tied them to a sleigh and departed Pluto to search for a new home. Saint-Nicholas eventually landed on Earth, which back then, consisted of early civilizations and societies. Being accustomed to extremely cold temperatures, Saint-Nicholas secluded himself in the North Pole, where he became friends with the local Eskimos, who would in the future, work as his "Helping Elves".

Santa Claus was Real and was he an Alien

Saint-Nicholas and Spiritual Awakening

During his inter-dimensional observations on the earthlings, Saint-Nicholas noticed that the people on Earth were extremely primitive, despite their technological and social developments. He realized that the people were disconnected from their higher selves; they had no sense of spirituality, and were extremely materialistic.

He also saw that the entire world was controlled by small groups of people called governments. He could see that the governments were deliberately poisoning the earthlings--physically, mentally and spiritually in order to make them more docile and easier to control. Saint-Nicholas knew he had to do something to put an end to this evil empire.

Santa Claus was Real and was he an Alien

To raise the consciousness of the earthlings, Saint-Nicholas would visit each of them in their sleep--Saint-Nicholas would travel through the astral realms and into the dreams of the earthlings, where he would proceed to increase their consciousness and vibrations. Due to the huge population, Saint-Nicholas could only do this once a year, taking the rest of the year off to recuperate his spiritual powers.

Santa Claus was Real and was he an Alien

Saint-Nicholas showed people the true evil nature of their materialistic values, and taught them that eliminating their desire for material objects would lead to true happiness. After many years, when the people were ready, Saint-Nicholas began teaching them the path to enlightenment. It is believed that Buddhism originated from Saint-Nicholas' teachings. Buddha is often depicted as a Joly Fat Man.. sound familiar?

Santa Claus was Real and was he an Alien

People would awaken the next day feeling empowered, yet peaceful. Saint-Nicholas did this for a number of centuries, which eventually led to the Peace and Love Hippie movement in the 1960's and 1970's. The governments were losing control of the people as more earthlings became awakened to the corruption of their "leaders"--all thanks to Saint-Nicholas' "gifts".

Santa Claus was Real and was he an Alien

The "powers that be" had no idea what was causing this mass awakening. The government installed "security" cameras (CCTV cameras) all over the city to spy on people. They wanted to catch whoever was spreading this spiritual "propaganda". Because Saint-Nicholas operated beyond the physical realms, the cameras could never capture him.

However, the cameras could capture people talking amongst each other; the word started spreading amongst the people of a Jolly Fat Man entering their dreams every year to enlighten them. Being inter-dimensional aliens themselves, the government leaders had captured Saint-Nicholas in the 4th dimension, and threatened him to stop what he was doing, or he would be forced to leave planet Earth.

Santa Claus was Real and was he an Alien

The government allowed Saint-Nicholas to continue his work, but under a few conditions: As worshipers of the Dark Side, the government forced Saint-Nicholas to change his name to Santa Claus, which is an anagram for Satan Lucas/Lucifer. Also, he was no longer allowed to spread spiritual awareness; instead of spiritual gifts, Saint-Nicholas was now forced to deliver gifts in the form of toys and shiny objects, which would lock people into the low-vibration material world. Also, his work would now be targeted mainly at children, whose innocence had yet to be broken.

Overwhelmed by the darkness of the government, Saint-Nicholas had no choice but to agree to their terms; he changed his name to Santa Claus, and turned his home in the North Pole into a Toy Factory, where he would produce useless material objects for children all over the world. By increasing the youth's attention to the material world, they would be programmed from a young age, to focus only on physical possessions, while ignoring all spiritual development.

Santa Claus was Real and was he an Alien

These materialistic values would carry-over into adulthood, and when these children grew up, their lives would revolve around money, nice cars, shiny jewelry, expensive clothing, etc, further disconnecting them from their higher selves, and distracting them from the government's corruption. Obsession with the physical world distorted the people's perception of reality, making them easier for the government to control and manipulate.

Santa Claus was Real and was he an Alien

Santa's Toy Factory

Throughout the year, Santa would recruit local Eskimos around the North Pole to help him construct toys for the children of Earth.

Santa Claus was Real and was he an Alien

Then, once a year, Santa would travel across the planet, delivering his toys to the homes of the children. In order to complete all of his work in one night, he did everything inter-dimensionally, through space and time with the aid of his flying reindeer, who by the way, are the ancestors of Earth's reindeer, deer, moose, and all other animals that have antlers on their heads.

Santa Claus was Real and was he an Alien

Word had spread around the world about Santa Claus and the presents he gave to the children. He became very popular and people began to leave out milk and cookies for him, as a sign of appreciation.

As years went by, this tradition continued, and parents no longer had to buy toys for their children; why spend money on toys when you can get them delivered to your chimney every year for free? Toy Corporations were quickly losing profits, and since the governments were funded by the toy corporations, they were not happy. In the eyes of the government, Santa was taking money from them, and they had to put an end to it.

Santa Claus was Real and was he an Alien

The governments tried to pull Santa out of the toy business, but he refused to close down his Toy Factory. The governments explained to Santa that if he continued to give out toys for free, the toy industry would totally collapse. Santa confessed that it was his plan all along to destroy the toy corporations, thus destroying the evil governments... MUAHAHAHA!

The Death of Santa Claus

At first, the governments sent a mischievous Alien from Saturn known as The Grinch, to sabotage Santa's work. The Grinch's efforts proved futile, and Santa sent him to another dimension. Permanently.

Santa Claus was Real and was he an Alien

The governments immediately went to Plan B: They paid a visit to Santa in the North Pole and burned down his toy factory along with Santa's Eskimo helpers. When Santa tried to escape on his sleigh, they shot him to death, and proceeded to shoot all of his his flying reindeer in their faces; this is where the story of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer originally came from--the government changed the story for kids, as some kind of sick joke.

Santa Claus was Real and was he an Alien

Next, they began to spread propaganda about Santa being fake. At first, people did not believe the lies. Eventually the propaganda in the media (TV, film, newspapers) became so strong, that people had begun to believe that Santa really was fake.

Santa Claus was Real and was he an Alien

The governments continued to push the annual gift-giving tradition, and turned it into a commercial holiday that was no longer exclusive to children; now EVERYBODY (kids, teens, adults, elderly, etc) could benefit from the tradition of buying stuff for each other. This tradition had netted huge profits for the corporations, which = more money and power for the governments, which = more power over the people, which resulted in more purchases of useless material items; a sick vicious cycle had begun.

The government named the holiday Saturnalia, in honor of their favorite planet, Saturn, which was the home-planet of their evil Alien friend, the Grinch, who was now stuck in a hellish dimension, thanks to Santa.

Santa Claus was Real and was he an Alien

Eventually, the Christian Church jumped on the wagon and started claiming the tradition as their own, calling it Christ-mas. The governments began collaborating with the churches and put a religious spin on the holiday, and changed its name from Saturnalia to Christmas. By associating Christmas with the birth of Jesus Christ, the holiday appealed to all of the Christians, which = more profits for the churches, who also funded the governments. The introduction of Christmas trees, lights, and fancy decorations created a whole new industry, which also resulted in more profits for the governments.

The gift-giving and religious propaganda became so powerful that people had completely forgotten the true history of Santa. The world's memories of Santa were altered, and he was now perceived as a myth and a commercial figure.

The Spirit of Santa Lives on Within You

Although Santa no longer exists, his spirit lives on. His message was clear: Do not lose yourself in material possessions. Connect with your spirituality. Awaken to your true potential. Remember who you are. Raise your vibrations and go ride your sleigh tonight!

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